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The Dutch Book

Rain radar screens for all cities at "Useful links" [above] .... Rain radar screens for all cities at "Useful links" [above] ........ Rain radar screens for all cities at "Useful links" [above] .......

Greetings! …and Farewell….


Dutch Books will no longer be uploaded to this site. After 5˝ years it is time to call it a day.

It has been an interesting ride. It started as a bit of fun - a novel way to approach betting on horse races - and it has remained fun for that time.

We had some spectacular successes and some spectacular failures….just like normal punting days, really.

It started as Dutch Book selections for races in Melbourne and Adelaide - Adelaide, through the kind assistance of a friend in Port Lincoln, SA. Somehow, Sydney and Perth got included, too.

There's no secret to this Dutch Book: Random selections from six [6] tipping sources allot points 4-3-2-1 to the top four selections. These points are added to create a ranking. The top three standings become the Dutch Book picks for the race…. bet on the first two to get back your stake and have what's left on the third selection - The Bonus Bet - the one that you want to win the race! In the event of a tie in the rankings, choose the one with the lower barrier number.  Remember: Trust The Rankings! No matter which runners show up in the Top Three rankings, bet on them!

It is only worth having a bet when the favorite is $4 [3/1, in the old] or more. Which means that you don't have a bet in every race….. just when the market says so.

It's been fun. Thank you for all the support. We hope you can still manage to snare a winner. And always Bet Responsibly.

The website will stay active for a few more months, if you need to check the rain radars [in 'Useful Links'] on race days.

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